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Lite-On DVD Burners



Hey, London Drugs is having a huge boxing week sale on boxing day of course and they have Lite-On dvd burners for like $169, so I was interested in getting one, just I don't know how good they are. Has anyone had any experience with these drives?
I've got a Lite On 411 cd/dvd burner and a 10 pack of dvd+rw under the tree. I'll let you know how it works Christmas Day, in time for the Box Day sale.

My Lite on 40x12x48 CD burner is great. Quiet, reliable, no coasters. It did not like the Fuji 24x blanks (would only burn them as 16x media) but burns imation 24x blanks at 40x.

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I'm waiting a bit longer before getting a dvd burner. They are still bringing out new formats for the damn things. :( Who knows which one they will eventually stick with.
Go for the lite-on. :)

Install was fast, no quirks.

Plays movies fine, burns the +RW at rated speed, just as quiet (completely unnoticable) as my 40x12x48 lite-on CDRW. Buddy of mine got the same drive today and is busy backing up his brothers DVD collection with no problems.

Software bundle is adequate but uninspiring.

Happy Boxing day
There is a Lite-On DVD/CD burner out there that can write any type of DVD format (including DVD ROM) and CD come to that. I read a blinding write up of this drive in one of the UK computer magazines and it was (then) only £145.00p. I’ve been looking for this drive ever since but can’t locate one. Iv’e noticed that the price of these units is free-fall so I’m going to wait until Mach. Always the best time to by computer kit.

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