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Linux Shells

Does any body know of any free or one time (small) payment Linux shells that allow BG processes such as BNC and bots.

I have found Polarhome, which is good, but I kinda need one more.


I may actually be insane.
You'll be lucky to find a company offering this sort of thing, i've had shells through friends with linux boxes on cable/dsl before now and i think its a heck of a lot easier that way.
You can easily get permissions for the things you want to run etc without and hassle.
Actually that one aint that good, I dont think I can get 100 clicks, I barely got 30 on my spaceports account a few years back.
sorry I dont think I can be bothered as I would have to pull in 100 clicks per month just to keep it alive.
Link deleted.

Anybody know of a person or place that I can get a linux shell from to run an eggdrop from.
I have got a linux box, but
  • Its behind a router, which I cant get to auto pass port 113 straight through
  • The network card doesnt seem to install right <-- think I know how to fix that
  • Its on an ADSL connection, but as there is hardly anybody at home I cant leave it on as parents dont like leaving things plugged much less running when no one is there
  • Could also run in Norway on Windows Box that is never turned off, but my dad (in infinite wisdom) disconnects the ADSL connection when we arent using it

If only I could convince parents that a firewall is adiquate protection for them on ADSL or that computers with no monitors attached really dont use that much power and that as we are paying a monthly fee for the ADSL we should really have something using it.
Polarhome, I got one there, but I kinda want a separate shell for the second bot.

I have found somewhere, but I am going to wait a til the first of December when I can get online all of the time so that I can set it up.

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