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Ok here is the deal. My friend has a daughter that spends every moment of her conscious life in front of their computer. What he wants is for a way to restrict her account. So far I have learned how to set log on times using the Net User testuser /time: command so she can only long on at certain times. What I need now is a way for the computer to automatically log her off after a set period of time has passed with her logged in regardless of weather or not the computer is active or idle. Any suggestions?

Treize Diamond

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I am aware of that. However my friend works a fair ammount and any time restrictions he places will not work because the ability to log on and use the computer still exists. To aid him I am taking away the ability, providing better enforcement of the rule. Plus I enjoy clamping down on people's abilities to do things :D I leared well from my administrative supervisor...anyway do you have any ideas for a auto log off timmer?


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The administrator could schedule a shutdown at certain times.

Just go to Microsoft scheduler and enter command (scheduled at whatever time)
shutdown /s /f /t 300
That would force a shutdown for 5 minutes time, allowing time to save work etc (300 is any time in seconds, can use any value)

Or you could use the shutdown command itself
At start-up could call a batch file which has the command
Shutdown /s /f /t 7200
Which would give her 2 hours of computer time (adjust appropriately) before it shuts down

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