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Zone Alarm blows monkey testicals. I installed it for like the 12th time.. you think I would have learned by now. Well it f00ked up my mouse/keyboard input in Counter Strike. I guess its back to Tiny's.

My question is why would ZA mess with my keyboard/mouse? I know its ZA because the other 11 times I installed it. It did the exact same thing. Once I uninstalled it everything works fine. I have had this do this under Win98se, Win2k and WinXP.


No problems here!!

Using ZA pro 2.6.362 on XP pro.

Greetinx Foxkuil

(p.s. First post...lets have a party!!!)



Just installed the new pro version 3.0.081, and still
no problems!

I don't own the optical mouse but I have the same Keybord!

Can't think of any solutions for your problems, did you tried the ZA website for troubleshooting? Or maybe re-installing
CS, maybe that will help!?!?

Greetinx Foxkuil


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I have uninstalled, reinstalled ZA & CS. I have done a format of HDD then installed ZA and then CS.. then I have done, format HDD install CS then ZA. Still the same problem.

Shamus MacNoob

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N/P here

3.0.081 zone alarm here and have used zone for 2 years now all versions as they came out ......and have installed it on more than a few comuters only bug I had was the older version with xp pro but that was nothing just would not always load on startup but that was all the problems I ever had with zone alarm love this new version no pop up's yayayaya :D
If your mouse and keyboard are on USB, try plugging them in as PS/2. A lot of folks have had problems with the USB mouse and if ZA is looking cross-eyed at it... may be enough to freak it out.

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