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Leave Britney Spears alone! (some bad language)


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Oh my... I couldn't finish watching it. Some people have issues, I find it fitting that this "thing" is a Spears fan.


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On the other hand, there are some seriously funny comments @ YouTube :p

Dude, you need professional help. Seriously, get a medical treatment as soon as you can.

Or at least get a vasectomy done. Your genes shouldn't be passed down.
you freakin me out dude.. I thought my girl is bitchy when she has PMS. ****
Anyway, this dude seems to be getting some serious attention ie a new comments page every time I refresh + tv + radio...


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In all seriousness, that person is frightening. The fact that there are people out there like makes me nervous. :hurt:


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Yes, I can confirm that I am officially disturbed as a result of this. Why does it keep pulling that invisible toilet chain?

**** man, I feel sick.


Beware the G-Man
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"I would like to thank the Academy, the writers of this incredibly cheesy script, the Director who cast me for this part and my wardrobe and makeup people. Who without I never would have won this Oscar. Britney...? Who gives a shiit about Britney. I just want attention. I'm gonna be famous on the internet! Weeeeeeeeeee"

Was that too over the top? :rolleyes:



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hahahahahahahahahahahahaha, that was ****ING awesome, I have never laughed this hard in my entire life, I just woke up all my room mates in the house. Holy ****, that is awesome!
the fact that that video is posted on tech sites, the fact that this kid is joking, the fact that it's getting pages and pages of reaction

makes that kid a genious

along those lines, anyone see chocklate rain?
Probably right. My dad was saying the same thing the other day and I'd have to agree with both of you.
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I hate that Chocolate Rain song.... it haunts my dreams. He repeats that same line so many times you fall into a trance... then it gets stuck in your head. Three weeks go by and you will be eating some breakfast or driving to work or whatever and all of a sudden that song will just pop into your head! AHHHH.


Beware the G-Man
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*using beat from "Choco Rain"*

It's so lame... This guy's a jack ass. It's so lame... If I could I'd kick his ass. It's so lame... The more I listen the more It stinks. It's so lame... I wish I'd never click the link. It's so lame...

I'm coo coo for Coco Puffs! :p

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