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Latest Nforce 2 Drivers For Chainteck Mobos

Hi All
i was just wondering if The New Nforce 2 Drivers Will work on my Chaintech 7njs Motherboard?

It Says Nforce 2 on the box?

Someone with the Same Mobo Or Knowledge Pls Help me



Well I use the Asus A7N8X Deluxe which uses the nforce2 chipset; Asus recommends using only drivers released by Asus, they have their own UDP set for its nforce2 boards on the official site. However you could easily use Nvidia releases of the UDP, but face the possibility of compatibility issues. Personally I use the Nvidia ones because Asus software support is, well......PURE CRAP.

After taking a look at your board on it's official site I have been lead to believe that a baboon (or a goat) must have setup the files section since after being redirected to the 7NJS download page it was loaded with Intel and VIA drivers (among others).

7NJS Download Page
7NJS Main Support Page

But I did find this great review of its features which is worth a look if you are curious about anything else on your board.

Although before using new UDP sets (2.42 for example) take a read on this post, you should be okay with the 2.03's though. I am running the 2.42's but apparently some people have been having problems with them.

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