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Laptop buying - Uk?



Hey ;)

I've been hunting around on the forums and net for information on decent laptops. I believe I have narrowed my choice down to Dell's Inspiron 8200 or Alienware's Area 51.

Tech questions:
Is ethier of the two companies known for being more reliable? I was looking at the same specced machines (2.8GHz Processor, ATI 900, 512MB ram) and wondered if anyone knew if one out performed the other?

Other questions (Sorry if this isn't the correct forum):
Would there be any compatibility problems if I were to buy from alienware (US company (I believe))?

Once again, I apologise if this is the wrong place to bring my queries, but after saving up for along time, I don't want to make a mistake! :D

Thanks in advance to any responses =)

PS. The Inspiron would work out as a lot cheaper I believe due to the duty and delivery from the US for the Area 51 Laptop

PS.. PS? Just wanted to add this comment: If anybody knows of any other possibile laptops, that would support a degree of 3D Gaming, I would be very greatful if you posted the info below :)

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