Laptop BSOD'ing


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Hi All,

Got this latop here (Acer 9410Z/Vista). It has been bsoding/rebooting for a while now.

I replaced drivers, to no avail. I even started reformatting and reinstalling Vista, and it bsod during install. I have tried my three XP cd's and it bsod's during install as well.

I managed to put back vista, put I am figuring that maybe I got a bad stick of RAM.

How do I test the RAM with vista?

Or maybe am I dealing with another issue all together?




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Can't get the bsod codes, it reboots lightning fast.

I do read an irq less/equal something or other.

Thanks tdinc.



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Getting tons of errors with memtest, and windows mem test also showed errors,

I would like to know if I can buy two new sticks, if this acer9410Z is upgradable to 2gig from the 1gig (2x512) that it is now?



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as long as you get the right ram and know where to change it on the laptop yes it should be possible, just check the specs of the laptop on their site


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I got the bad stick out now, now running on single 512, with no issues.

I will go ahead and buy two 1 gig sticks anyways, Can't seem to find on ACER site if it can use 2gig, but will try. RAM is soooo cheap for this lappy.


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