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KT400 based mAtx board anywhere?



Anyone know where I can get my hands on a KT400 based matx mobo?

I've checked around and the only company I can find that makes one is MSI with their KT4M and KT4M-L boards, but I can't find a retailers anywhere that carries them.

Anyone have any ideas?



hardware monkey
i posted recently on this thread.

but the board i mentioned is hard to find for sale, too. this is because the manufacturers sell the boards specifically to companies like dell, hp, etc.

why companies don't make more high-performance m-atx boards for the consumer, i don't know. :huh:

[edit] lol... i just realized you were the same guy who started the other thread. my bad. :)



it's me :)

guess we're the only two interested in high performance matx boards.

Apparently MSI and maybe a few other companies are planning on making some KM400 chipset matx boards too, not sure how good the integrated graphics will be.

Just wonder where i can track one of these boards down.

Seems like it would make sense to sell them to us too, not just computer companies.

oh well
can a mAtx board fit in a Baby-At case?

i wonder because i have a similar problem.. i dont really want to buy a new case, but i want a A7N8X deluxe or very very similar board that will fit in my Baby-At case.


hardware monkey
baby-AT is an old form factor just like AT is. the newer ones are ATX, baby-ATX, micro-ATX, etc.

i looked around and i can't really say that a micro-atx board would fit in a baby-at case... but it might with some modding of the back panel. also, the power supply connectors must be the same, of course.

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