Kinda NEW and need some help.


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Hey all I know I am a newbie but I was told this would be the best site for help.

I got this Mother Board
and it is saying code 10. Well I looked into this and code 10 is "Auto detect flash type to load appropriate flash R/W codes into the run time area in F000 for ESCD & DMI support"

What does this mean? Can someone please translate this in to english so I know what to fix.

Thanks again
It it is hanging there I would say that the bios is fubar. You'll want to see if it's under any kind of warranty and get it tested/replaced by the store or abit.


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I read that post early this morning and was like wtf. Glad to read that it seems to be a BIOS glitch and that Abit is sending you a new one


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I've been using an abit motherboard for quite some time and when I first got it I had some pains with getting it to post. I flashed the bios with the same bios that was installed and it booted right up. It wasn't that the bios was a bad bios but that the flash wasn't taken properly by whoever put my chip on. I would think trying that out might be a good idea.

Nice thing with this mb is it has no jumpers for the bios reset. It has a switch you flip to flash it. but yesterday abit send me the chip. thanks again.

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