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Kerio 2.1.5 Standby problem

I recently switched from Sygate PF to Kerio 2.1.5 because I found that Kerio took up a lot less resources and was perfect for my purpose (I'm behind a NAT router, so this is just to monitor outbound connections)

However, I recently realized that Kerio is messing up standby/hibernate on XP. Whenever I try to get into standby/hibernate, it just stays on the screen that says: "Preparing to Standby." I checked the Broadband Reports forums for this problem, and found that other people were having the same problem with 2.1.5. The problem doesn't seem to exist with 2.1.3 however.

Does anyone know of a fix for this? If not, are there any download links available for 2.1.3?

Thanks in advance :)
Yea its a known bug with 2.1.5, it does not like standby, hibernate or fast user switching much ;)

However i suggest instead of going down to 2.1.3 you go up to 4 Beta 7.

You may need to ask the Kerio die hards in the Kerio forum or Yahoo group for 2.1.3 i cant find a active link.
I would have gone back to 4 Beta (I had it installed before 2.1.5 ;)), but it has so many options that I don't need (eg: web filtering etc.)
Are there any known problems with 2.1.3 because of which you don't recommend using it? As I said, I'm already behind a router, so I don't need any advanced features. Just need to be able to give permission to any apps trying to access the internet.

I did find an active download link to 2.1.3 at http://www.theguardianangel.com/Special_Downloads.htm

What do you suggest I do?

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