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Kazaa Lite


The Analog Kid
does anyone know what the flame icon next to filenames in Kazaa is? I know that the files won't download. Does this stand for some sort of firewall or something? Its kinda annoying and it just started in the last 10 hours or so...
Just make sure that under your kazaa settings


that you have the filter file types I cannot download due to firewalls is checked. That way those files shouldn't show up so that it doesn't waste your time in the search results...you will never be able to download from them.


One Step from The Edge
Instruction Manual ??

Is there any place that you can get an instruction manual that describes the various "faults" and "errors" that are received when attempting to download. IE. "more resources needed", "remotely qued" etc. or any type of directions that explain some of the options etc. Thanks for the firewall tip.....
kazaa's website will tell you all the reasons :)

but just to sum up what you mentioned

More sources needed - no users are currently sharing the file you are trying to download, the ones you clicked on in search either cut the download off or signed off the network and it is waiting to find more users with that file

Remotely Queued - The current user/users with that file are already at their max set amt of uploads, you are in que to get that file a soon as a download slot is availible

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