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Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 - opinions


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Hi all,

Needed a new antivirus and spotted that Barclays Bank is offering a free 3 PC 1 year license of KIS if you use their online banking.
Now I got it running but I am not convinced, I am a big fan of their AV but the firewall seems really crude, even compared to NOD32's one (which I much preferred).
Is anybody else running the security 2009 package if so what are your thoughts please?
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My two cents - ask Lord his opinion of the online banking - I'd look into that as the first thing - like any free lunch there may be a catch!
you don't need a firewall on windows when using a broadband router :)

turn it off but keep the AV going if necessary.

Either way it was free.


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I was not sure as you had posted this:
Ahh Ok - edited

Mainframeguy - Not sure on I understand your comments pretty much all bank offer their service online now?

Lord - Yeah it was free :) But I am uneasy with not having a firewall, I know the router has a hardware one but I am not that confident of relying on it.....


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just being facetious - and suggesting if you have no account be warey of the offer, yeah?

You seem paranoid about firewalls - I am paranoid about Barclays.. hehe ... banks in general actually!

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