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Joomla! Need advice + tips :)


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Hi guys,

I've just jumped into the world of the ubuntu server and I'm running Joomla! for the first time. I've got the hang of it just about but there is a ton of stuff still to learn! I need to know two things:

1) Other than by tweaking existing code manually, what's the best way to modify or create new Joomla! templates?

2) Where can I download some good free templates?

Thanks for your help, reps for helpful posts as usual :)


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Ah I've been there before, I had a crack with the RokWebify one which seems ok. I'll try the others out too.

What's the deal with hosting this stuff? Do webhosts offer linux servers with Joomla! installed? At the moment I'm using my own server as a gateway but eventually I'll run out of bandwidth (hopefully as it gets busier) so I'll have to migrate elsewhere.

Thanks for info, reps sent out.
Host's can do. Or they can use script installers. I don't. I prefer my users to learn to use their applications or have their accounts terminated :)


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my brother uses godaddy and they install joomla for you. the weird thing is they don't install it in the root directory and I'm trying get things moved over from there. Can't figure out to do a redirect or someone suggested a move of the whole directory which I'm guessing would screw up the database, but I have no idea, I'm so new at this stuff I don't know what I'm doing.
At the moment I'm hosting for free. I may charge in the future. You will then be left to install whatever you want. I will support server related issues. Software you will have to take up with the vendor.

If you're fine with that click the link in my sig :)

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