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Job Idea's?


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I know I have been asking a lot of questions these days, don't worry you guys enjoy it. I think I may even asked this question awhile back, but it was a different time.

I am working Monday - Friday (except Tuesdays) from 9AM - 5PM

Tuesdays I go to school from 9AM - 12ish or 1

I need money, for upgrading computer and many other things.

I wanted to work with computers on my spare hours, at like a computer store but noticed most around here close around 6 or 7.

Anyone have any other ideas for a job for me, or even anyone is around here (i doubt that lol), know of any places I could check out?

Thanks, anything will help.


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go deliver pizza's.. the tips are good - on a busy night you can pull in $60-$80 in tips alone.


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Use a bicycle? :)

Dunno, some services related gig is typically not a bad place to start, some places even have benefits.


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haha maybe that wouldn't be a bad idea, dilivering pizze on a bike, healthy, but its going to be winter soon, and I would take awhile to get to the place.

I wish there was more options at this age, and situation.arg


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I actually was a waiter for 6 years - if you work in the right place you can really rake it in. You just have to be a people person and don't mind kissing tail to everyone you meet. Can easily get dropped off too - only downer is if you aren't of legal drinking age you can't work at a place that serves alcohol, which is where all the l00t is!


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Obviously computers would be ideal, but to drive home points already stated it's tough to get those during your hours of availability.

Have you thought about "pimping" your own skills as a consultant on the side? It can be wavy (sometimes busy/sometimes slow), but with what you can potentially charge you can make up for it. I would avoid print advertising but I have done rather well with well placed flyers and especially word of mouth :)


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So I think I found my job..

As i said I work from 9AM to 5PM Monday-Friday (except Tuesday)

I talked to my friend and he works at A&P (grocery store), doing produce, pretty much lifting boxes and cutting fruit up. His giving them my resume tomorrow and going to get back to me the same day.

I hope i get it, I should he said they are looking for people in all departments so yea.


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So I think I found my job..

I hope i get it, I should he said they are looking for people in all departments so yea.
Cool. Meet lotsa people, too. And some of them can cook ;)

If that doesn't pan out, have you checked the gigs on craigslist? I've seen lots and lots of different types of short-term "computer" gigs. It would be great resume-building and much of it is from home (which doesn't work if you don't have the equipment ... but you're here, so my bet is you can make it work!)

Good luck B!!

(pppsst ... check out the grammer thread to keep your english language skills up to date. I think you mean "ideas" plural, not possessive.)

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