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Java Virtual Machine???


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Can anyone tell me how to get Java Virtual Machine as a Seperate Download? Microsoft doesn't offer it any longer and I'm tired of half the webpages I go to either not coming up or having part of the page say "the page cannot be diplayed" Example: Immatrix.com. I'm using XP Coprporate so SP1 is NOT installed. I'm pretty sure that has it but I would like it by itself if possible?

Any Ideas?

Also does anyone know where the tutorial for installing SP1 with Corporate Is? As Well as the necessary files?



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Microsoft actually posted a special Service pak for corporate users. It was up for at least a few weeks before they pulled it. I AM NOT USING WAREZ! NOT A PIRATED VERSION! And yes I COULD change the EMBEDDED key if I so chose and yes I KNOW how and NO that wan't what I was asking!!! However you want to put it. I received this version when I worked for Maxtor. Originally it was intended to look for bugs or compatability issues with their software as well as compatability with the Ultra ATA Controller Cards. When I got it XP hadn't been released for more than a a few weeks to a month I was told by Maxtor to go ahead and keep it .

You should look up an old thread entitled "Changing XP Key". It was quite an interesting series. HEY LEEVOY:D

Hipster any support Here? :)

Anyways As far as the Virtual Machine issue is it compatable in XP? Forgive me, but I am out of my depth on this. I know that its necessary for internet pages and the like but I am in no way a programmer in java. Could you enlighten me a bit more please?do I just apply suns ver? to my windows? that doesn't seem right.... I used to have a window popping up all the time saying do I want to install blah blah. I I said yes it would take me to Microsoft .com and the page says not available.... You probably know all this huh? Would you kindly elaborate for me?

Sorry for the confusion, if you go to that website I gave above it will lead you the Java that sun developed, it works perfectly well with XP.

Java Virtual Machine is Microsoft's version of Java, but if you are having a problem installing it, get the Sun version, it works just as well if not better, IMHO



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Doh! I feel stupid. I didn't even see that that you had posted a link! OOPS:eek: I guess you could say I'm a little Sensitive on that Other issue. So much so that I didn't notice! My apologies, Please! Thank You for clarifying and I didn't know that you could use their version with XP! Afterall isn't SunMicro specifically Unix? Either way I will follow that link in a moment. Is ther anything I need to know about installing or configuring it? Or, do I just install and quit worrying? ;)



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:eek: :eek: :eek:

Yup, feellin really dumb now! I didn't have to do ANYTHING!! Just clicked that link and blaamo, installed!

:D Thank You Iceman!:D

It will be remembered!

Sincerely, Jelliot

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