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java loading problems

a while ago i got a new laptop & i reformatted it right away cuz dell puts so much stupid crap on it & such, but for some reason i cant load java applets on it. i didnt check to see if i could when i first got it. it doesnt give me an error or anything, just nothing there. i tried installing sun's java platform, but it didnt change anything, still the same blank spot on the page. anyone know how to fix this?
also, (i posted about this before, but got no helpful replies) the display looks great, but every single pic i view online is totaly grainy, & a few of the smaller quick-launch sized icons are also grainy. everything else looks perfect. changing res or color doesnt help. anyone know about either of these things? thanks in advance.

dell inspiron 600m with winxp pro
hm, which of these do i need? there are a lot here...& what do i do with it? is it an installer, or does it need to go in system32 or something? thanks

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