I've lost My abilty to alt + Ctrl + Del and get to task manager


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I can not get into task manager when i do alt,ctrl,del i get the little icon in the tray but when i goto click it it dissappears and i can't get it to open to do anything.. anyone have any ideas?/


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Strange problem, never had that happen to me, though in the world of windows new and innovating problems are being experienced on a daily basis. Stupid question coming: "Have you tried rebooting your system?" That seems to be the default fix for almost any windows problem :D


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this is common behavior with many viruses, do you have an updated antivirus running as well as all windows updates?


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I use.. Anti Vir personal edition... I don't have service pk 2 loaded on my pc as of now but all other updates have been installed..

Yeah i did reboot.. but that doesn't help....


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I had the same prob w/ a work computer. I think you might need to check your settings in "program access and defaults" I assume you have admin priv.s?
Signed in as administrator? This could be it. I'm not sure if that function is disabled while using a guest account. Worth looking into though. frogg_mann

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