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iTunes skipping (mp3/cd/int radio)

Friend's mom is having trouble, she's throwing money at a problem because she doesn't really know what else to do.

- new speakers, but didn't solve it (sales person tricked her)

I've tried:
- increasing the buffer size from med to large.
- reinstalling (without deleting first - in fear my library will become lost)
- setting it to " 'SafeMode' waveOnly Out"
- 24bit to 16bit


- Can i uninstall iTunes, run a cleaner program to get rid of everything related (+ other misc files) then reinstall and enjoy my library? or will i have problems?

- Anything you guys see that I didn't?


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what OS is she running? What are the specs on the computer?

You can uninstall/reinstall iTunes without problems. Just make sure you backup the library music files and the xml files associated with the library. If you have purchased music through iTunes, you may want to unauthorize the computer first depending on how many pc's you have authorized under that account


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Is she using Windows Vista? Itunes has been rubbish on Vista since the latest update, and everytime I do anything CPU intense it skips etc. Latest version of Quicktime seems to have improved things a bit though...

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