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Issue with HDD showing in Safe Remove option


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I'll show it off the picture here:

With the exception of the USB, all of them are internal drives. I want to know why they show up in the safe removal. Its much more strange when thinking that the C drive... installed without the other drives at the time still showed it available for safe removal. Perhaps the new system I have is causing it?
But before I post that (Cause my sig needs updating still), would this have shown up once before and if possible, can they be removed?

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
I know it's because technically SATA drives are hot-swappable but would Windows actually let you "safely remove" your C:\ drive ? [ I would really hope not ]
No it won't let you remove your C:\ drive.

I know back in XP I had a similiar issue with the nvidia sata controller my motherboard had. This fixed it, but

A) No idea if it would work in Windows Vista/7
B) Most likely won't work with non nVidia SATA controllers.


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huh. Well, my old system that was using the Sata ports and never had that issue.
Also, the DVD drive is connected to a sata slot and isn't being detected as a removable drive.
that would be because it doesn't report that it is hot-swap capable to windows :)

All disks that report they are hot-swap safe will show in the list - whether windows will be happy with you removing the disk or not - the hardware will allow it :)


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Well... 1: Makes sense
2: Which decides that? The Motherboard or the hard drives?
If its the hard drives... and some I've had before from the old system... why the heck would they do that!?

American Zombie

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If you enabled AHCI in the bios before installing Windows then you enabled hot swap for just about any drive you plug into the system.

AHCI enables hot swap and NCQ on drives that support them.

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