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ISO Powertoy doesnt work for me



I can create an image, but when I right click on one, I have no option to record. Whats up?

ALso, only cd I havent been able to make a .iso from is from my MoH cd, any idea? Yes, I did buy it.
I'd suggest going to www.gamecopyworld.com, alot of CD's nowadays use weak sectors and such to make it hard to copy, you'll most likely end up needing clone cd or such

also to burn the iso you create using winXP's native support you have to make sure you use WinXP native burning that that the imapi cd burning service is on


From the readme:

Recording ISO images
Right-click on an ISO file and select “Copy Image to CD”. The wizard will open up. The file name should appear in the “File name” edit box. If, for some reason, wizard cannot use currently selected file or CD recorder, an error message will be provided and “Next” button will be disabled.

Press the “Next” button. Recording operation can be terminated by pressing “Cancel”. Note that terminating the actual recording operation can take up to several minutes.

When copy is completed, the wizard will display the “Finish” page.
I *should* be able to right click on a .iso file, and copy it to cd. However this option is not available. Its the main reason I want it, too. :(
Ok, but did you read my part about making sure the Imapi Cd burning service is on? without it being on you won't get that box and such cause the service is required for the powertoy to run correct.

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