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ISO images



hey all - i have easycdr 5 platinum - can this burn ISOs? just wondering in case i want to do so in future... cheers.


yes it does and well .iso imgs can be burnt with almost every prog out there ez cd also does another image type i cant remember but its its own one lol from what ive seen in the guildes n tweaks here on xp erience even XP can burn isos with its burning app
a long but full instruction from elsewhere:
To make .ISO files you'll need to get your hands on EZ CD Creator, then follow these steps:

-Put the CD into the CD drive, or any CD Drive if you have 2 of them.

-Run your EZ CD Creator program.

-Now look on the top at your toolbar and click "CD" (its between 'View' and 'Tools'), then choose "CD Information", a new window should open up.

-Looking at the new window, look at the left pane and click the drive where the CD is in.

-Now on the right pane, you should see information under the headings of Session, Track, Mode, etc...

-Below those headings, right click that information line and choose "Read to file".

-Another window will appear. All you need to do is change the file name other than the word "Track", in this case just name the file to what ever the name of the CD you're imaging.

-Now the last thing is to make sure you chose "*.ISO" in the 'Save as type'...

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