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iso image of Win2003


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hey all,

What would be the best way of creating an iso image of my current Winserver2003standard partition?

My intent is to load this image onto my debian Server virtualbox or vmware.

(I think that vmware loads iso images, not too sure. I got my five free licenses and I downloaded the app. Don't know how to use vmware.)




Overclocked Like A Mother
I just tried acronis free trial, but it doesn't backup as an iso image, but another file extension 9 (*.tib)

I need an .iso image



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Heeter, are you trying to perform a P2V migration? (P2V = Physical to Virtual) or are you trying to install a fresh build in VMWare?

If you are doing a P2V, I would suggest using vmware and using the VMware Converter to bring the existing machine over.

If you want to use an imaging product, it's similiar to imaging from one machine to another physical machine. An ISO won't do squat for you. Yes, VMWare can mount an ISO as a CD, but what does that buy you? It won't boot/run the machine off an ISO image.. unless you somehow manage to create the ISO like a live image (similiar to the old Knoppix CD's).


Overclocked Like A Mother

That is exactly what I would like to do. I have an existing physical harddrive loaded Windows Server2003 setup that is running. I would like to move that into and run it off of a VMWare setup on a debian server.

Haha, Thanks a million,

Will go check this out



Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi Fitz,

Got a quick question,

I got the firewalls shut off on both machines, but i can't quite understand how to get the physical to the virtual.

Do I startup VMServer on the Linux Box, then direct the converter on the Windows to point to it? Or do I "get " the image using the vmserver itself.

Looks like vmwareconverter doesn't actually create a file, but might directly connect to vmserver, if i understand correctly.


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