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Is this normal?



I have these unexplainiable bumps on my umm.....................

Now on to the real question!:)

I have some information from my Hardware moniter in my system bios.

System fan speed 0
CPU fan speed 5818-6026
System Temp 34c/93f
CPU temp 56c/132f

Are these normal it seems to be very hot to me!
Why is the system fan at 0?
If these are high what could be causing the problem?

I know not very much info but any suggestions plz? Is this a normal temp? Im a little worried!
Thx in advance for your help


NTFS Stoner
looks like you need another fan to suck a little hot air out the box. Chance is the PSU fan isnt doing an effective job. Try running the PC with the case off and see if you get a good 5-10 degree drop in both temps.

Whats your system spec anyway ?


Graphic Designer
System fan at 0 is the fan that can be placed on motherboard chipset ( in your case doesn't exist , but u can place one , i surely recommend one ) . In this moment my temperatures are :
CPU - 49degrees
System - 34 degrees .

What i can say about that worry .. I saw athons at 65 that were working just fine . If your system runs ok you shouldn't be worried ...


Ok that takes a load off of my shoulders I was getting pretty worried seemed like alot of heat coming form the case.

In the very near future a volcano 7+ will be added.

And Cosmin what is a good System fan for my board?

Thx for your help guys!


Graphic Designer
doesn't matter so much , important is to exist one , there is no much difference between them as cpu fans , but i recommend u a Titan .


NTFS Stoner
just get anything that fits over the grills LOL, i got 2 fans from broken PSU's in my case... the best is often free :) Mobo temp = 21-23 deg C CPU = 39-42

The PSU temp dropped from around 50 deg C to 21 deg C when i fitted a fan blowing air in. I keep it with more air blowing in as this helps to prevent the deadly dust from forming like it will with dead air.

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