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Is there a way to remove the Protected Content of a .wma file?


body electric

I did a major booboo, I burned alot of cd's to .wma files in windows 9 and forgot to uncheck the "protect copy" in preferences in windows media player and all the .wma files that I want to transfer to an mp3 player won't play because of the Copy to a SDMI-complaint portable player not allowed is active.
Is there a way to remove this license from the file?


Double O Egghead
if it was 8 or earlier you'd be in luck

past knowledge pointed that an connection to internet will get you listening again

but wmp9 owns you

mp3 has no copy protection and is why it is being criminal to download mp3 music

if you went with media player you have to send an email for help with your music collection and media player 9 to micro$oft

let us know how you do



Boogie Nights...!
i think this www.wma-mp3.com can be used to convert WMA to MP3 format....therefore removing copy protection. Please note the I THINK part of this sentence!

I used it on a protected music file once and it worked a treat.

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