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Is DEP in SP2 only?


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Hey guys - having almost tweaked my new AMD64 system how I like it I thought I might look into whether or not I am using the DEP that should be supported if I have an EDB on this processor.....

Thing is for reasons of my own (and VERY valid ones covered in other threads) I am holding this machine at XP SP1 with fixes all applied, and cannot go to SP2. Now I think I cannot have DEP without SP2, is this right?

I looked under SYSTEM >>> Performance >>> Advanced and there is no DEP tab, so I guess not, anyone care to verify?
You're right. DEP is a feature that was only introduced in SP2.
As an aside, were you never able to solve the VPN issue you were having?


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
NetRyder said:
..were you never able to solve the VPN issue you were having?
nope - still waiting (infact the corporation I work for is waiting on this and VisualStudio issues before deploying SP2 at all - and they have thousands of machines waiting for the push when it comes :eek:

themafia_69 said:
what is dep?
Data Execution Protection (Google coul be your buddy?) - helps in active AV deployment, also caused some big time trouble early in the SP2 cycle...
uses the NX bit on AMD processors (that support it) I think
NX being Non-eXecute in the same bizarre naming method as the eXtensible Markup Language :eek:

Do your motherboard and CPU have support for it?
Sounds like your CPU should

Dont think its as much Viruses as simply preventing buffer overflows from being able to access areas of memory which are supposed to only be used for storage and not executable code


High On Life!
yeah geffy i was reading about it in a computer shop yeterday acutally, didnt notice, it was an ad for amd, and it said antivirus protection or somting, then it said, Yes, with the upcoming service pack from microsoft.

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