IRDA settings

I have a P4 2.4GHz 512MB laptop running Windows XP Home. I would like to use this laptop to talk to my SonyEricsson T68i mobile phone via the Infrared port. So far I have has no luck.

When I look at the IRDA settings under Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device manager/Infrared Devices/IrDa fast Infrared Port/Properties/Advanced I see there are many different settings. There are two Infrared Transceivers, A and B (each with 12 different emulations) and 5 different Maximum Connect Rates.

I have checked in the BIOS that the IRDA is activated. It is Fast IRDA rather than ASK IRDA

Which settings should I choose, what else must I set up and how can i check that the IRDA actually works?

Many thanks


I'm trying
On my Tosh Satellite 5100 settings is set to
min. turn around time 1.0m/s
speed limit 4 mbps

I have use it with my motorola phone
I use it all the time with my Clie
Your laptop should detect the phone any time it is near the ir port
your phone software has to be setup as well

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