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Iranian Womans Gives Birth

Son Goku

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Somehow, I find this extremely hard to believe :D Without hearing from the "medical experts who say there are human characteristics to the animal", more couldn't be said.

Human characteristics in an animal is not impossible with some genetic manipulation. There is something I remember (somewhat) from an advanced bio class I took in high school, though I only sort of remember it now. Basically, when human DNA is introduced into an animal cell, it is rejected and expelled. But by using certain enzymes to splice the DNA, they can use a gene that functions as a mediator of sorts, to bind human and animal DNA together, before re-introducing it back into the cell...

The claims of this article though, does sound a little like someone saying the moon is made of green cheese though :D


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stranger things have ahppened...anyone ever see the tv show ripley's believe it or not where the man in india got a bloated stomach and when they opened him up they saw that he had his twin brother dead inside him his whole life...the fetus never grew inside him but it was a twin that never grew but was inside the man...

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