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iPod Touch Video Question


Hello every one!
I am deeply consiering to buy an ipod touch, but I do have one question.
On Apple's web site on the spec sheet for the touch it says up to 20 hrs. of video. I have 1.7 days of video but it is well under the 16GB, even when combined with my photos and music, I still would have about 4GB to spare. So, my question is, is the 20 hr a strict limit or just aother number put there to confuse me?

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The only limit is the size of the iPod - if it's a 20GB iPod then you'll never get anything more than that on it. However, there is also the difference between decimal and binary GB - I suspect that the 20GB Apple are advertising is actually decimal GB, which will leave you with somewhere in the region of 17GB of 'real' storage' space.

Watch out for this rubbish about 'hours' of content - this means very little as the size of a file can vary wildly depending on how compressed it is and 20 hours of video could be 10GB of very highly compressed videos or it could be 40GB of very lightly compressed videos. It all depends on the settings used to encode them.

I hope that's some help!
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Ah ok, my point was that whatever it lists will be more than the actual capacity - they'll probably be more like 14GB and 7GB (roughly!).

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