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Ipod or Mini Ipod

I was wondering what is better to go with, a Ipod or Mini Ipod. The size doesn't matter to me or does the amount of storage. Please give some input.

You will be thankfull of the extra storage later.
I have a 10gb iPod and its full now. Its a real pain having to keep removing files which I dont want.


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Ipod mini to me looks like a very pretty gimmick, since the normal Ipod looks absolutely gorgeous anyway, and it's small enough to be honest :)


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ipod of course, in my opinion the ipod mini is like someone took an ipod painted it, and squished it from its sides


if you don't have that much music and don't plan on it, don't waste the extra $$$. I would be afraid of forgetting the mini though. hell i already lost a 3rd gen 30gig :( had to go buy a 40th gen 40gig to replace it.
Grandmaster said:
Definitely an iPod. Mini iPod's are over priced imo, unless space is an absolute premium.
I agree. The iPod is better value for what you pay, and even if you don't have enough music to fill it up now, you might want it later.

They both have the same software and features right? The only difference is the amount of GB storage right? let me know. Cause then I will for sure get atleast the 20GB Ipod.
iPod/iPod Mini = :p

go with Archos. GMini 400 has 20GB storage, plays video, display's pictures, has it's own OS with customizable desktop including wallpaper, records audio without an attachment, has some games, though not that good but still better than solitaire, and more, for only like $399.99. go HERE to see it. MUCH better product, more features, less pricy. All Archos deals with is media players and portable storage. Apple's way too greedy when it comes to stuff like that. i mean come on, apple JUST came out with an iPod that can view pictures and has a color screen, which costs like $600. The GMini 400 has a 262,000 color, 2.2in. LCD screen, and they've HAD stuff like the new iPod for i'd say at LEAST 2 years


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Scooby wasn't asking about other players, so in short; don't mention them. Quite simply really isn't it?

Scooby, both the Mini and standard 4G iPod offer the same features. The normal iPod's are a lot smaller than you'd imagine anyway, so I'd stick with one of those :)
ya, but if there's something better out there for less, why not give him an alternate idea? just wanted to post my opinion. truthfully, a friend of mine wanted an iPod for X-Mas, then i showed her the GMini 400, and she changed her mind REAL quiklike. jus hate seeing people spend way too much money on a MP3 player with a uber popular brand name when most of the money you're paying is FOR the name. Archos is just about never advertised. you rarely see them in stores or anything. Best Buy used to carry their players quite often. think they still do, just not as much now. they're still a much better product than that of the iPod though. you have to admit that.
u could almost confuse the iPod with the Mac mouse. and who cares if the buttons are more easily visible.... a) it's got a 262,000 color, 2.2" LCD... b) it can play movies, which makes it kinda like your own kinda mini-portable DVD player in a sense... and c) costs the same as the 40GB iPod that can still only play music and has no color screen. and you can make it look as nice as you want with it's own customizable wallpaper for it's own OS.


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Some people just want an Ipod, regardless of 'better' alternatives. It has it's pros and cons, but honestly, people would trade it all just to have a killer gadget like it :)

I'd go for a minidisc recorder, but that's a personal (somewhat odd) preference. :)


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as of right now there are many alternatives to ipods and ipod minis that can be had for less money with more features. As for the mini vs reg ipod the price difference is so close that there is no reason to get the smaller mini when it's only difference is size but not much and color which you can buy a cover for it if you need a color on it. ALso if you don't have to use the full 20 gigs for just music, I use it for transfering files to other computers and my friends computers.

Really I wish I had more of choice from where I got mine but it was free so who cares!
themafia_69 said:
archos suck, my sister has one, and so does a friend, his hard drive died! LOL
Just because one person's hard drive dies, it doesn't mean the product sucks in general. People have bad luck with products sometimes, and it happens with just about anything.

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