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ipod confusion

ok so when i go to itunes and see my little ipod and then i make a playlist and i name it Winter Mix or whatever i drag the files in there and everything looks alright. then when i actually play the music on the ipod the songs they aren't in the playlist anymore, they are just in teh regular songs folder. does anyone know why the playlist folder is empty even tho i dragged the songs there......


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Are you clicking on the iPod icon before you create the playlist ? So it appears under the iPod rather than in the iTunes part of the 'source' list ?


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redchair software is really cool, but its not free :( and also the coolest features are the ones locked, but then again, who doesnt do that to their software. ohh well
i already have ephpod but i wanted to try it with itunes b/c ephpod made all these weird folders for no reason. and yes i did click ipod and then make a new playlist so it popped under the My Ipod icon...hmm im gonna go format my ipod clean and try it again with itunes

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