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I have a user that when he does an ipconfig here is what happens....

C:\Documents and Settings\cliff.robbins>ipconfig
Windows IP Configuration
An internal error occurred: A device attached to the system is not functioning.
Please contact Microsoft Product Support Services for further help.
Additional information: Unknown media status code.
C:\Documents and Settings\cliff.robbins>

Any Ideas?


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more specifically, how many network cards are present? What OS? Did the system get upgraded fron 2000 to XP? Are there any modems connected? Are these setup for DHCP or static?

Have you tried removing and reinstalling the network drivers and/or network stack?
There is a wireless card and that is when this happens. XP Pro of course. Everything is auto detect.

Yeah I did the driver updates. I had this issue once in the past with a user and I updated the drivers and it worked for a day and then it broke again.

Its an IBM T41


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I would be sure the "Workstation" Service is set to Started, ran into this the other day I think.


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Is there an error with an error code in the event viewer around the time you try to run IPCONFIG?
Well its still not working. I had the user also reinstall his drives. I am not to sure. I think it only happens with his wireless card enabled. I am checking on that right now. Any other ideas?

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If I have a wired connection, IPCONFIG works. When I have both a wired and wireless connection, IPCONFIG also works then and reports both IP Addresses.
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