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Internet Use Issue - Workgoup Vs .local domain


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Good Afternoon All,

I have 3 users who have laptops in our organisation. All Three laptops connect to our work domain domain.local. Each user then tries to take their laptop home to access the internet at home. 2 users have wireless and 1 had cabled internet. All users have the same issue as stated below:

User can connect laptop to network/internet and have signal strength of Good to Excellent.
User can PING an IP address eg. for google.com.au
User cannot PING google.com.au
User cannot use IE for www.google.com.au but can for

If the users remove the computer from the domain.local and put it on either HOME or WORKGROUP in System Settings -> Computer Name then the internet works 100%. Can ping everywhere and can browse anywhere.

Can any1 help me please???



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1) what OS are they using?
2) Are the DNS settings hardcoded on the laptops or are they set to pull the DNS server settings using DHCP?


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Check that their DNS settings are picked up via DHCP and not set as static addresses in the TCP/IP settings of the laptop.

If they are set to DHCP then it might be the DNS Cache on the laptop. When they are on their home network they should try running the command


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