Internet trouble with 3com router

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I'm having a wierd problem that is driving me mad.
lately I can't access most sites at random times (at other times I can) on my PC that is connected to an ADSL modem trough a 3com router. At first I assumed I have to give the router some rest, but after a nights rest its all the same. I also tryed clearing my internet cach and nothing works :dead:

The really wired thing is that it only happens on my PC, that is connected to the router with a normal network cable (not wifi) and everything is fine on the laptops that are connected trough a wierless connection to the same router :paranoid:


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the only thing that comes to mind is your computer's a zombie and DoS'ing at those times hehe.

More real you can reset your router to see if that helps.

if you can confirm that the laptop surfes the net at the same time the desktop can't i would disable all programs in xp startup including firewall to see if any might be the problem

i use outpost firewall and i have actually needed to uninstall the thing to get my internet back. I think it got corrupted as the icon dissapeared from the tray

if i think of anything usefull i will post

Tabula Rasa

Stranger Than Kindness
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Thanks egghead, I don't use a firewall except for routers firewall (and outpost would be my last choise :p ) so that isn't the problem.

Most of the time there are at least 2 computers using the internet (my and the neighbors laptop (god bless wierless networking :) ) and my neighbor has no trouble what so ever.
Also I forgot to mention that osnn and spammers-paradise (the sites I most frequently visit always work!


Double O Egghead
that is strange..
check your host file

also open internet explorer and elect tools/internet options/connections/lan settings and see if your under a proxy

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