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Internet Explorer does not want to turn on!


Somewhat eXPerienced
Great, this is just one of those frigging days where nothing goes right. This stops working, I can't learn how another program works. I can't figure out in Mozilla how to make Chatzilla stop opening up. I have arthritis kicking in at 18. *Sighs*

I don't know what to do, I've tried making sure that another form of iexplore wasn't running, it isn't. The icon won't work, start menu icon wont' work, going straight to the file itself won't work. I even tried setting my default browser to Iexplore, nothing. Only reason I want to use it is to surf IRC channels.


Tomorrow Tweaking Today


Somewhat eXPerienced
And doing method two from that website just does not work at all. *Sighs* everytime I keep trying to install, it gives me this:



Somewhat eXPerienced
Sorry for the third post in a row, but after all the errors and the program works? Wow that's just simply impressive... Dunno if I should thank ya guys, but ya'll got me here, so thanks!!!

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