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Intel stickers question


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I have a laptop here and it has the Intel Centrino sticker on it.

Wondering why it did not have the Intel Core 2 Duo sticker on it.

I have the T8300 chip inside the laptop top.

Someone told me it depends on the wireless card. I have the Intel B G and N built in. Is this true?


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JW is correct.

Intel chipset, Intel CPU, Intel wireless card makes up the Centrino brand.

The latest is Intel 965+ chipset, Intel C2D/C2S, and Intel 3945+ wireless.


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My laptop has a sticker that says Centrio Duo with the T2400 chip.

It should have the Core 2 Duo sticker on it. Strange. A friend has a Vaio with the T8300 chip and it has the Core 2 Duo sticker. But the lower half of the sticker is the part that says Centrino Duo (the white part with the intel logo) The upper half has the Core 2 Duo on it (the blue part). Now from what I remember that upper part of the sticker can be peeled off without removing the lower part. Now I could be wrong.But maybe the upper part of your sticker is just missing?

There are actually a few different intel stickers depending on chipset, wifi and some other things.

It think that there are more than this but this is a variety of them for mobile and your normal PC.
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My old laptop has the 3rd one on the middle in the pic Inlet Centrino Duo.

My new laptops sticker is not listed. Its different looking. I have the on on the right in this picture on it. Also have a DLNA certified sticker and windows vista.


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My laptop has the one on the bottom left.

Is your's anything like this? Sorry the image I found is small-ish.

Now my thoughts were that the upper part of the sticker was missing.

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