installing win2000 keeping xp active

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jdembare, Mar 4, 2002.

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    I got xp currently running on the primary C: drive. I intend to install win2000 on the other partition, D: drive so that I can have a dual booting. The problem is, when I try to install win2000, it's disabling the "install win2000" option and saying that u got a better vesion already. How can I go about this.
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    Boot off the CD and run setup from MS-DOS and select the 2nd parition for install. You can't start setup from inside XP for 2000. Either boot off the CD-ROM or boot off a MS-DOS startup diskette and run x:\i386\winnt.exe from the DOS prompt (x is your CD-ROM letter)

  3. jdembare

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    Tried it but not successfully.
    1st Error msg: "program does not run on any 32 bit version of windows. Use winnt32.exe instead"
    I then tried the winnt32.exe & got this error msg: " windows 2000 is incompatible with this version windows.."
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    You can't run the setup from within Windows. You HAVE to boot from the CD-ROM or from DOS to install W2k. Wasnt that already mentioned or did you just not read. All you need to do is setup your computer to boot off the CD-ROM then put your 2k CD in the CD-ROM and boot off the CD. Or if in a NATIVE DOS environment on the 2k CD run i386\winnt.exe