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Installed a DVD player need help!!!!!



I have a 650 MHZ PIII.

The specs of the DVD player say it is good from 350MHZ and up.

Trying to make this machine work better, surfing the web and playing some Jump Start games for my four year old. I installed more memory and upgraded to Winxp. I wanted to make it so she could watch DVDs on this machine.

I didn't think I would have a problem but I don't have a great graphics card and it has on board sound.

The motherboard is a Biostar "M6VCG".

The thing works but there is a jerkyness, almost like the processor is not fast enough.

The plans are to upgrade the motherboard and cpu and use all the other hardware.

I'm just wondering is there any thing else I'm missing or not doing correctly. or are there any other suggestions?

Electronic Punk

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Try using some older DVD Software such as PowerDVD 3 or WinDVD 3... the specs have increased along with the newer version.

I had Cinemaster99 working great on a pentium 266.


Thanks for the help I've been trying to find a copy of an earlier version of a dvd decoder not much luck yet. I will get a new video card and a new mobo and a new processor EVENTUALLY!!!!!!!

Thanks again
When I play DVD:s in PowerDVD (came with the drive) the movie gets all jerky and strange. When I play them in Abit SiluroDVD (came with the gfx card) all is fine. So try another player.

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