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Install XP in different language

I'm buying a laptop from Dell and since I live in Japan , the laptop would come with a pre installed XP Home or Pro of my choice but it would be in Japanese OS.
Is it possible for me to format and fresh install it with an English language XP like I'm using it now on my desktop.And if I do so , would it screwed up any drivers or whatsoever ??
I don't want to dual boot but like my desktop here I re-set the regional settings to ' East Asian Language ' and ' Japanese keyboard input ' during the installation.Am I able to do so with the laptop ?


OSNN Advanced
If you go to Control Panel, Regional and Language Settings... You should see the Advanced Tab where you can change the language of most Windows Icons, Tabs, etc...

Can't guarantee that it'll changed every single Japanese text from the OS itself (such as start menu and stuff), but maybe it's worth a try before going through a fresh install.

EDIT: You may want to ask Dell if they could install an English version of Windows for you since they allow customers to customise their machines before purchase.

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