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Instaling a sound card?


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i got a sound card and installed it onto my computer, but for some reason i get no sound. It will work out of the normal jacks but not the new one! How do i fix this??


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Try going to the Control Panel>Sounds and Audio DevicesJ>Click on the Audio tab and then on the pull-down menus, select the newly installed sound card as the default device to use.

You can go into the bios or in XP, go into the properties of my computer and then hardware>Device manager>expand the sound, video and game controlers and then select the onboard sound device, right-click on it and disable it. Do that for all the onboard sound card items listed.


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If its a creative card make sure that its in the third PCI slot, and slow sure you dont have it set to "digital output only"

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Not sure about your board, but back when I had the Asus K7M the onboard sound was disabled via a jumper on the mobo. If you don't find an option in the BIOS, try hunting down the documentation that came with your BIOS...

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