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in a hurry? on an elevator?


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Reading an article posted at Engadget.com..
Pressing the Close Door button AND the Floor number at the same time apparently gets you to your floor first. Its an express mode that bypasses anyone elses selection.

i think thats pretty cool...
elevator hacking :)


I may actually be insane.
the_music_man said:
i would try it @ work but then i realized we only have 2 floors lol
Same for me. Plus no one's really lazy enough to use the elevator unless they have to (disabilities etc) to there's no point making it bypass the first floor.
he only 2 floors here at coreix and the lift is fast enough :)

if its slow or security on the first floor are hogging it I just gesticualte at the camera and the lift comes up :p
We don't even have a lift at work! But I guess, since we do make staircases for a living, it would make sense to only have very posh, eliptical staircases instead!

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