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I'm having a lot of problems with themes.*Sighs*


Somewhat eXPerienced

Now I'm becomming awfully frustrated with this. I can't win with no matter what I do. Here's the story.

I once had StyleXP installed because it was the only way I knew how to manage themes within Windows XP. Eventually I know that I had found out about the uxtheme.dll patch that you could apply so you didn't need a theme program. That worked great, I had actually used a theme from StyleXP called Cough drop, but it was black, something I couldn't configure in Windows...

In any case, you know months and months pass, until about few days ago. My buddy had told me that he had gotten this awesome screen saver I had seen on his computer from a newer version of StyleXP. So I try to install it. Damn, the registry information is still on my computer telling it that I can't even try the demo, as I had already tried it before... so I go to uninstall it. It undoes my uxtheme.dll patch, removes my themes, and put me at Windows XP Blue.

So I tried getting it back, and it wouldn't let me... it just wasn't working. Now I also had a lot of themes on my computer that whenever you would switch to them, the computer would crash. So I decided to delete them. Now I deleted my Windows XP Blue / Silver / Olive theme...

So now I'm looking for more resources, and I remember something about Windows Blinds in the past. So I installed that. Not bad, I was made happy, found some themes, although it's the demo... found a couple of themes I had liked... now one thing I had noticed was that if I had gone into my Display Properties, it would remove the theme, keep the colors, and change me to classic theme... so I never understood that.

Well I was on the phone with my grandmother, and went into my display properties, and basically Windows Blinds uninstalled itself. Nowhere in my desktop, start menu, program files, windows list, nothing... I go to change my theme under Appearance, and I get a run dll as 32 error or something like that...

Can some of you experts please help me? :(


Somewhat eXPerienced
Anyone have any other ideas, or perhaps what I can do to bypass my problem, or fix it? Or methods I can get to use themes again without any problems? I wouldn't mind the uxtheme.dll thing if I could find themes that had the windows modern tool bar style and windows we'll say and not classic... but I found only those type themes with programs. :(


Somewhat eXPerienced
I just downloaded a theme from http://www.themexp.org [that's the site I should have been going to, much better than .com] called ForeverBlue, after installing it and trying to run this, I first got an error about involving style.dll or something like that...

then I got this:


Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
Have you tried the Windows File Protection scanner?

If not, insert your Windows XP CD and go Start>Run and type

sfc /scannow

and wait. There isnt any report at the end. That should make sure the uxtheme patch was removed and you can patch it agian.

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