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Iiyama Monitors



Hi out there,

Anyone had any experience with Iiyama monitors, they seem to be reasonably cheap, but i'd like some feedback.

I'm looking at their 19" V\M pro 454, to replace my ancient 15"

Thanks in Advance

P.s. this is my 1st post be gentle.


I'm not sure how good Iiyama monitors are. IMHO, monitors tend to reflect the "You get what you pay for rule." I would recommend Viewsonic/Optiquest or Samsung. They may be a little more expensive, but well worth it. Hope this helps.


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I purchased a fairly cheap 17" (Vision Master Pro 1412) flat screen Iiyama monitor for my one of my daughters boxes (Win Me). It works quite well. I think they're pretty good for their somewhat low price. If you are tight on money then it's a good deal. Hope this helps. :D


I have an iiyama LS902UT 19" here, great monitor. Excellent image quality, with colour clarity to match. I'd recommend them to anyone :)


I have a Vision Master 502 CRT at work. Works great. Haven't compared it with too many other 19" though.


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Iiyama has been around for a while. They are good Monitors for a cheaper than Super Name Brand price. As I said before I have a ViewSonic (GS790). I bought an Iiyama for my Daughters machine and it is a good 17" Monitor. What you get in the end is all up to you. We are just given you suggestions and our opinions. Good Luck. :D


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YEAH! No shi... that is the only thing that sucks. And ViewSonic's XP Certfied Multiple Driver file does NOT include that Monitor. Too Bad. :( But It's a great Monitor. :D


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Ya had ta rub it in. Didn't Ya! :p

Hey, I installed the Drivers that came on the CD. XP says *Ewww, their not singed by MicroSquish you shouldn't install them...* Yack yack yack. I say screw it and install. They work great. Boo Hoo for MicroSquish. :p


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i dont think ill mess with the drivers if they arent for XP, even though they should work, i really dont care much but would prefer to have ms drivers, but hey as long as the monitor works is all i care about. As a matter of fact when i 1st bought the monitor it went out after 3 months, i sent it in to viewsonic and they sent me a newer one and thats how i ended up with the 2nd revision. It only took them 3 weeks from the day it left my house, i think thats pretty damn good. I didnt even have to pay for any shipping, they sent the UPS guy down. So i love viewsonic.
No matter what monitor you buy, make sure it has a 3 year onsite swop out policy. next day replacement... Thats the main reason i brought my 19" AOC

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