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I'm sorry Hal...
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Ok so, i'm doing an Iframe and all is going well. In firefox it works fine. It only displays a vertical scrollbar when needed and doesn't display a horizontal one (cause its should never be needed)

But in IE (nobody say a word about how crap it is :)) it is fine as long as no scrollbars are needed but when a vertical one is needed it also displays a horizontal one no matter how wide the Iframe is.

Is there away to get IE to behave like firefox in this matter

I have looked around and the inline style style="overflow-x: hidden;" is supposed to work, but doesn't seem to do anything



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I have absolutely no idea, however would love to hear a solution. The shoutbox on Camportal suffers from exactly the same problem.

The problem actually only arises with IE6, it appears fine in IE5.. I don't know if that would apply to yours also.


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Have you tried setting overflow:auto

I know that works for <div>'s, I have not ever worked with frames.


I'm sorry Hal...
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LOL, i think i found the answer. You have to put scrolling="yes" in the iframe tag (not auto or left blank)

Although in IE (only) then the vscroll bar is always there even if it doesn't need to be.... damn it! i can't win!


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Maybe create a javascript or sump, like
if (Mozilla)
document.write(!doctype etc);
//do nothing

Although I don't know if it works, since a Doctype has to be placed before any html/javascript.


I'm sorry Hal...
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Ok i think i may have it working, lol
After spending more time with CSS than i care to mention. It now seems to work the same in both IE and FireFox (i don't care about anything else)

Only a vertical scroll bar when needed. never a horizontal one. You'd think it'd be easy!
Sorry I didn't respond earlier, guys. =\
I have my last final in 3 hours. If you still need to see how I did it, I'll post it sometime later today.
7 hours to go...woohoo!

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