if you never saw this show (The Wire), you're missing out :)


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A few days ago, a dvd box set containing the complete series of The wire came out.
This may just be HBO's best show ever.. and one of the best to ever come out on tv (well, it's no twin peaks, but then again, no one is ;)). The story, the way its told, the characters.. everything is just so well done that it'll keep you hooked from day one.
You can read reviews pretty much everywhere and they're all the same, even if it was never a ratings champ or an awards favorite, the critics all coincide: it's a great show.
Everyone who hasn't seen it should definitely give it a try. Maybe rent the first season, like i did, and you'll be blown away.

you can gat it from amazon at only 134.49$ (and they ship worldwide)


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Re: if you never saw this show, you're missing out :)

The thing with renting is that they only give you one dvd with four episodes at a time, which is a rip and then buying it i'll watch it once and never see it again. Thats why HBO should get on the hulu bandwagon and just slap on like premiums for hulu that apply to hbo and showtime.... I'd pay for that wouldnt' you?


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Re: if you never saw this show, you're missing out :)

oh, trust me.. this is a series you'll watch more than once

btw.. silly me.. here's a link where you guys can find more info on the show


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*modified thread title to include the series name*

Usually helpful to let people know what series you're talking about before jumping into the thread :) :p


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Oh man, The Wire was like the bestest show evar. A really well written show. If you ever have the chance, get/see/buy it, you won't be disappointed.

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