If you get vista, when will you get it?

when will you get vista?

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just so everyone knows.... there's a new release of Vista Setpoint drivers out on Logitech's website.
Posted this morning on the front page. Still no Bluetooth/SetPoint for Vista though.
Strange, was working fine when I posted it Matt... same software copes with my MX rev and dNE beautifully :)
The SetPoint version without Bluetooth support will control the keyboard just fine. But since your keyboard has BT you will want to use the version specific for it.
Title: SetPoint 3.3 Version: 3.3 build 159 Posted: 01/29/2007

Its an identical version? :eek:
One has Bluetooth and the other one doesn't. File sizes are different as well.
Since my server/domain is in place and working correctly, and drivers have started appearing I will be taking the dive into the wonderful world of Vista on my production box this weekend.

I will be installing Windows Vista Ultimate x64. What fun!
yeah.... i have Vista Business x86 that i got from the Power of Together program. debating on whether or not i'd actually want to upgrade it to Ultimate x64. really want to....
talking with a friend today - we feel Vista is basically eye candy...

anyone know different? I am open to flamings if they are worthy...

also interested since I have a coupon from a recent laptop purchase - so it is a free option for me if I want to mess up my laptop configuration (just as soon as I get the CD they are sending to burn a keyboard correction to the firmware!)
well.... not just those who haven't used it for more than a day.... but also those who used it, and couldn't stand the UAC "feature" that is easily disabled, and the fact they could use SLI, or had crappy gaming performance a few weeks ago. i can see following the whole "make a good first impression" bit.... but last i checked, that shouldn't really count for pre-release OS's. it honestly works quite well if i do say so myself. i'm actually thinking about switching completely over to Vista soon.... or reversing my order, and using Vista for the most part, and XP as my dual-boot backup.
Vista certainly does have eye candy, and I would say its the most prominent and obvious feature and change in the OS. However, after using it for over a week now, there are tons of little things that make life so much easier. Going back to XP on my laptop everyday at work makes me want to buy a copy of vista for it... For example, being able to just search the start menu and any folder and have it dynamically update the contents is super handy. The feeling of the whole system is better too, everything feels smoother and more responsive than XP does and its not just because of the smooth animations that vista has.

There are many more parts of the OS that feel great, and the points you bring up about performance are valid, but XP wasn't in any better shape when it first launched. Give it 3 - 6 months and everything will be peachy for most users.
thanks guys :up: - I guess when the excitement dies down a bit I will indeed take that coupon and make my laptop at least dual boot - then when I am happy enough reverse the boot order....

I sure hope M$ have got the boot loader a bit better organised in vista ;)
Vistas biggest drawback is cost it’s 100% more expensive than XP here in the UK and is now out of reach of most home users for the decent version. Unless the price comes down I just can’t see anyone upgrading to it especially as you loose your existing version of of XP in the process. I don’t think it’s going to catch on anytime soon. I see this as the first big MS gaff in marketing since the company was founded.

Vista pricing is right on with XP pricing here in the US.
Vista pricing is extremely inexpensive with a new computer at the moment

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