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IE8 renders ACID2 correctly

IE8 the currently unreleased next version of Internet Explorer correctly renders the ACID2 test which is believed by many to be a critical step in any browsers life to web standards compliance.

It would be incredible for the IE team if they can deliver IE8 before Firefox 3.0 is released as this is the first version of Firefox which passes the ACID2 test as well. It would deliver a massive blow to the Firefox crowd of standardista's if their browser were beaten.

Either way though with IE8 and FF3 ACID2 compliance is finally making it to the Windows platform. Safari 3 for Windows also passes the ACID2 test but this is still only in beta for Windows.

For more information watch the Video from Channel9
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well, as FF3 is already in it's second open beta release, and IE8 has really only been internally tested, I would doubt that IE8 would be released prior to FF3..


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I never passed the acid test.....:eek:

but on topic its good for M$ but I will still use FF...


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that 8 - 3 factor is where the FF memory leaks lie :p FF8 will be awesome :D
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Unfortunately Safari 3 on Mac OS X 10.5.1 and 10.4.11 has had a regression and now the latest webkit nightlies as well as the core browser in the OS fail to render the ACID2 tests correctly, which really is a shame :(

I hope they fix that.


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Patches have landed and will be committed to the source tree within the next few days. Acid2 compliant Safari is again. Now the wait is to see how long until it lands in the hands of the users.

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