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IE vs. Firefox: The Movie (Sort of)


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Now you can put a face on the battle between Firefox and Internet Explorer. Sort of. Rocketboom went out into New York's Washington Square Park on a cold autumn day, and stopped random people, ranging from college students to parents to retirees, and asked them which browser they preferred. Most Firefox fans were able to cite specific things they liked about the browser, but those who used Explorer, for the most part, fell back on the "it's all I know" argument, presenting what could be a huge marketing opportunity for Firefox. It's utterly unscientific, but still fascinating.
Yeah, watched this the other day. Amanda's giggling in response to that one guy's "because it's a fox on fire" comment was the best part. :D

Haha...I like your thread title, btw.

Edit: Just noticed you picked up the title/post from Download Squad. :p


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YEAH OMG I WAS JUST GANNA SAY THAT about the indian that said a fox thats on fire, i died, that was too funny, i just emailed it to my friend and told them to watch for that part. Lol great post man i really enjoyed that video, i didnt think that many people that didnt know much about computers knew about firefox though, i just thought the ones with computer geeks like us
themafia.69 said:
i didnt think that many people that didnt know much about computers knew about firefox though, i just thought the ones with computer geeks like us
Well, as the quote in the first posts suggests, it was entirely unscientific. Since it's not a live video stream, it's easy to skew the results. If you asked 100 people the question, and 50 of them didn't know what Firefox was, you could only include the 50 that did know what it was and ask them for their preference.

Not that there's anything wrong with that - the purpose of the video wasn't really to see gauge awareness (notice that there were hardly any people in the video who asked what Firefox is, if any at all), but to get a general idea about which one of the two each person preferred.

Besides, a large fraction of the people in the video were students and people from academia - that segment of the population is much more inclined to try out alternatives than the larger general public. If you sampled a different segment of the population, you'd get very different results. The awareness is definitely spreading though. :)


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I was impressed when my now-father-in-law told me he had switched to Firefox. I had never mentioned it to him before, he learned of it on his own and decided it was worthwhile to switch. :)

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