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IDE Driver issues Please help



I think this all started with nero image drive but anyway I was burning a disc all of a sudden it failed half way thru I noticed the buffer level for recording kept going up and down. while writing to disc, normally it stays around 95%. Well after it failed my video got all wierd with lines and colors I was like WTF? And then my optical mouse stopped working completely, have to use diff. mouse now. So that screwed my usb drivers/controllers too.Then it also messed up my scsi promise controller. I uninstalled nero, reinstalled the promise controller. That works now but I reinstalled mobo drivers and the via IDE bus controller installed but my primary and secondary controllers wont install. they both say (unknown) when updating drivers for them windows says cant find software. I manually searched every directory and nothing. How can I fix this? I've never had this much trouble before and I've done it plenty times. Thanxs
First go download the newest drivers for any device that's acting up, and make sure they're extracted from any zip or rar that they're in. Then go to the device manager Right-click on My Computer > Properties > Hardware tab > Device Manager. From there, remove any devices that aren't working, reboot, and let Windows find the new drivers.

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