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IDE detection problem with MBFastTrak


Long gone and now back!
All my IDE units work fine except that they are not found in the MBFastTrak133 startup section.

It just flashes "No Array is defined..."

And when pressing Ctrl+F to configure it says that my IDE devices are not on (i.e. no power or not connected).

I can boot into Windows if skipping MBFastTrak utility scanning.

How can I get rid of that scan, or set it up correctly? I don't want to run an RAID array...

Thanks in advance!
You have to disable raid either in your bios or by a jumper on your board. This will disable the fasttrack system check. If you want to use your raid ports as normal ide that usually requires an additional driver which should be on your mb cd.
Did you disable raid? Your gonna get a fasttrack boot scan as long as raid is enabled regardless of whether you use raid or not.
Disable raid-install Ide drivers-all should be well. You may not even need the drivers but usually you do. Depends on your board.

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